You didn't see
or hear this coming.

The World’s First 4-View Media Machine.
Better than 3D without glasses.



Light from beyond.

The RED HYDROGEN One and its 4-View Lightfield Display create an experience that goes beyond 3D—with no glasses required.

Powered by Nanotechnology, the display delivers realistic depth, light and textures bringing content to life in fundamentally new ways.

It’s the display the world didn’t see coming and it can’t stop looking at.

What 3D Always wished it was

4-View conversion transforms content into a new format that's better than 3D.

Traditional 3D required glasses and special equipment. Not anymore.

Leia Inc.'s proprietary nanotechnology animates 4-View footage with shimmering field of light. The sheen of real life.*

Our 4-View adds a more realistic perception of texture and depth to your photos, videos, and selfies.

*Screen brightness optimal indoors.


Sound you didn’t think to ask for.

What until now took an entire theater full of speakers to accomplish now fits in your hand. With the proprietary A3D Sound from the RED HYDROGEN One.

Our A3D algorithm frees the stereo files trapped in the old digital world. Sound becomes expansive, spatial, immersive—with or without headphones.

Music, movies, memories and content. They're all experienced with a sound field that surrounds and stuns the senses.

Listening will once again be a thing.


A3D+ encoded material is full surround with headphones and near-surround from the HYDROGEN speakers.

A3D takes any stereo input and dramatically expands the soundstage.

The A3D algorithm steers the sound to fill your room. A private concert. Just for you.



Feel all content.

With the RED HYDROGEN One Holographic 4-View (H4V) capture, your content isn’t just seen. It’s felt.

Images, videos, and selfies—whatever you’re capturing, you now have front and back H4V recording capabilities, creating an experience that’s better than 3D and requires no glasses or tracking hardware.

Shooting 3D, creating a depth map and adding two additional views (4V) real time.

From an exotic sports car’s shine to the last rays of the sun at dusk, H4V capture produces beautiful lighting effects with dynamic textures, glitters, and light shafts. Welcome to the end of flat content.


Industrial Design

Inventions wrapped in design.

The RED HYDROGEN One is available in rugged titanium and aluminum models, each with a backplate made with Kevlar® fiber, and intuitive, functional RED-designed sides and controls.

Both models come standard with a 5.7” QHD Holographic 4-View display for an experience that’s far better than 3D and requires no glasses. In 2D, the display delivers a crisp 2560 x 1440 resolution.

This goes way beyond smartphone design. This is media device design that does more than you ever dared imagine.

DuPont™ and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.


Modules that matter.

(Coming 2019)

The RED HYDROGEN One isn’t just built to expand more than just your view of what’s possible, it’s a modular, cinema-capable media machine that fits in your pocket.

You can add a power pack for increased battery life, expand the phone’s memory to capture more of your precious moments, or attach a cinema grade camera module.

Now, what you make of it all is entirely up to you.

Expandable Storage

Camera Module